15th January, 2018
Personalized Transit Card Unprecedentedly Printed Over-the-Air
Assure Global has become the official supplier of HappyCash transit card, one of the four transport cards used in Taiwan’s subway system and an everyday micropayment tool accepted by most of the convenience stores like Circle K and Family Mart.

Assure Global is also the only vendor that renders personalized picture on HappyCash card. Users can simply download the mobile app, named “Philos”, in Google Play or Apple Store.

Once the app is installed, printing a personalized card is just 3 steps away. First, log in to “Philos” app through a Google or Facebook account. Then, design your own card by loading a photo selected from the phone’s photo gallery or simply by taking a new one. Lastly, scan the QR code of the card printer at designated stores. A personalized HappyCash card will then be printed over-the-air (OTA) and ready in no time.

According to Director of Assure Global, Sony Chen, this kind of card personalization and OTA printing via a true mobile app is unprecedented. It is a disruptive way of card issuance against traditional practice where installation of software to PC before printing is a must. The whole idea of the OTA printing is to shorten a customer’s journey in purchasing a personalized card to less than a minute. Users are able to design the card however and wherever they want.

To obtain more details on how this mobile app works and how to work out a personalized card of your own, please email Assure Global at info@assure-global.com.